Other side (break on through)

There can be such tenderness and softness in passing that borders and walls wear off. Let the light guide. Just do what is needed to be done. Art of living light.
I haven’t woke up this lighthearted since such a long time I can’t even remember… But today morning was different. From the first moment I woke up I could sniff it in the air! There was change in the air, and it had a fragrance carried across my rooms. Felt like I could even touch it if I’d wanted to!
Then it felt like something had changed during the night. Something shifted, changed, moved forward, transformed: wow, what an amazing feeling, I can’t stop myself of labeling it as I “slept myself to the other side”. It’s just feels like this. Don’t ask, the other side of what, as I have no idea, but yes, it feels like this.

So of course I had Doors on my mind all day. Only in a softer, smoother version. And this quote from Ursula Le Guin’s Earthsea Quartet

“Only in silence the word,
only in dark the light,
only in dying life:
bright the hawk’s flight
on the empty sky.
                                           – The Creation of Éa”

Lighthearted. Scanning B&W pics from some months old films.
Having done aqua trekking on Sunday with amazing people, witnessing someone loosing short term memory because of a too high jump (8m), watching her taken away by a helicopter. Receiving some bug inspectors in my flat who look for termites in the whole building, and now I have like 4 big holes in my sailing… and having my laptop (LenovoYoga) breaking down of HW troubles, luckily in the period of warranty. But loosing some valuable stuff. Still looking for job. Still, what a miracle, I feel lighthearted.

Last week in the midst of emotional breakdowns I saw a funny and sad, sweet and sour movie called “Learning to drive“. It cheered me up so much, with a touch of life lived to be detected in those movies, where life wrote the scenario before a human described it. It has one of the best ever ironic jokes of tantra yoga. Highly recommended to watch. And of course I went to see the movie, as I am learning to drive right now! Did fit well.

Lighthearted, and slept to the other side. To the other side of what? I imagine it as a river of Something I was desperate to cross since long, to fight off, to win, to get over, to break free from it. It happened in a blink of an eye, in a shift of a good night sleep, even if all troubles appear to remain over my head. That was my gift today I am grateful for. All springs from this source. And I just love to smell change in the air. Like smelling some soft rain in the nature. Waters. I love waters. Felt so childishly happy this Sunday participating in the aqua trekking (trekking in rivers with neoprene  clothes, trekking boots and helmets). Shortly after we started to march in the river I realized how much I had desired to do this when I was 10 years old or so, and of course I wasn’t allowed to jump and march in the waters… Was lovely to let myself go into the kindly treating arms of Mother Nature. Water, Earth, Tree, Air.. what else do we need? Fire. I did carry it within, nourished it with my breath.

I just love B&W film photography. Look. And shine. Break on through.


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