Working with health – who can benefit from CST?

Craniosacral therapy is recommended to anyone, from new born children to elderly adults. It can also help suffering animals.

CST addresses musculoskeletal, neurological, behavioural issues, treats infections, digestive system disorders, supports hormonal and immune system. It also used well with infants and to help learning disorders.

For example:

stress related conditions, including Post-traumatic Stress
– unresolved trauma, acute or chronic trauma or injury
– chronic back or neck pain
– old injuries/surgery, post surgery
nerve related pain in hip and lower limbs (Sciatica)
spinal curvatures
– muscular aches, frozen shoulder
– sport injuries, repetitive injuries/strains
MS – Multiple Sclerosis
phobias, tantrums
– chronic or acute infections
respiratory system
urinary system
immune related weaknesses/sicknesses
– chronic tiredness
menstruating conditions
– hormonal imbalances
– headaches and migraines
grinding and jaw disorders
sleep problems
distressed babies
– traumatic/difficult births (in this case, as in several cases when working with babies, the mother also receives CRS with the baby, together and/or separately).
(full list and source:

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