That common enemy

The question is if we’re ready to change, or it’s not bad enough yet to choose the necessary thing for our survival. 

Tuesday Toffee #5: together, further

One of my findings of the past years is how highly individualists we westerners are. Maybe, not everyone of us, and of course, it depends on our cultural background, the societies we’ve grown up in, on our families, etc. There are societies that encourage more individuality and others, which are a lot more community focused. … Continue reading Tuesday Toffee #5: together, further

Fear and Trembling

I’ve spent the last several days contemplating on change. Change, flow, balance of things, interconnectedness and synchronicity: how from a moment to the other everything seems to be in movement, how I feel to be connected, to be in flow, receiving the gift or blessing of numerous synchronicity: however for an incredibly long time it seemed … Continue reading Fear and Trembling


Timing is very important – it’s the basic element of rhythms. Any rhythms. Harmonies, disharmonies, order and chaos: there is something hidden, something sacred, uncontrollable, like a miracle, a wonder, that allows itself to be seen in those magnificent moments when the getaway of right timing is open. Like a kiss of the muse: you cannot force it, … Continue reading Timing


That particular comfort zone is present everywhere in our lives. Starting from food and beverages till the clothes we wear, and to the music we listen. Some mornings it troubles me a lot imagine and to decide what to wear for the day. Does it happen with you too? I completely understand this lady who … Continue reading Discoveries