Encuentros de mindfulness para mujeres

El 11 de diciembre empezamos un círculo de mindfulness para mujeres. Si te apetece conectar contigo misma, conocer tus emociones y reconocer tus patrones para poder cambiarlos, nos reuniremos cada lunes a las 19:00. ¡Os espero con mucho cariño e ilusión! Información e inscripciones: annasolyom@outlook.com o 684 140 248.

Tuesday Toffee #17: transparent

As years go by, I feel more and more transparent. Less capable to be anyone else than myself. Maybe, I hope, a bit less judgemental, and more opened to accept in, to offer space for whatever has to come to be. This month I wrote an article to Integral about the Advaita philosophy (I will … Continue reading Tuesday Toffee #17: transparent


It took more than three months to absorb and digest and let things shrink inside and find their place. Allowing change to manifest, allowing myself and my body to renew, to reborn, and become different; it did worth every single moment. No doubt. Finally, I’m back on the dance floor! Welcoming back those lovely blisters … Continue reading Dance

Facing the unknown

There is this quote which says: “If the path you’re walking on looks familiar and is well celebrated, get off quickly and chose again as it’s possibly someone else’s, not yours.” Or something like this. I don’t really remember where I came across this, or who might have said it, but I do remember having … Continue reading Facing the unknown