Vital Listening

I am a facilitator of life changes, using mindfulness, PSYCH-K®, biodynamic therapy, Reiki, conscious movement and different meditation practices. I offer a personal consultancy based on three principles:

  • Listen to yourself

We all are connected with each other, and we all influence each other with our thoughts, actions, emotions, behaviors, attitudes.
Most of our troubles come to our lives when we stop listening to our own inspiration, our own vibe, we lose connection with our innermost harmony and we start to follow something else.
What you are looking for is inside, not outside. During my sessions we cooperate to find the way back to your resources, and how to reconnect with your innermost voice and wisdom.

  • Map where you are

It’s important to locate where you are in your process, it doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. How does it feel being you in his certain situation, and where are you now?
A certain self-awareness helps a lot to let the change in, and allow its work to happen.  I offer guidance to be able to locate yourself in the invisible map of emotions and disturbing mind-states, and from there we embark on a journey together to cross your storm.

  • Respect your rhythms and yourself

Only what you need and what you allow to happen is going to happen to you. Your mental states have their own rhythms, as well as your emotions, and your body. Learning how to listen to yourself and honor your basic needs will help you to become healthier, stronger, to have a better self-esteem, and recognize your purpose.
When we embark on this adventure together, supporting your change-process, our cooperation treats all your levels: your body, emotions, and mental states.

Photo: Ariel Mihály

My guiding belief is that we cannot separate emotional, mental and body-states, as each of this has its effects on the other two. And by introducing manual therapy into psychical change support, will unlock hidden self-healing powers in your life.

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