Tuesday Toffee #28: Emotional eating

What’s the key to letting go of emotional eating? As much as stress, anxiety, and loneliness can make us eat beyond our needs, happiness can do the same. Just because we’re too relaxed, we might end up eating a lot more, drink more, and do less training (if any), and so on.

Giving up being useful · Tuesday Toffee #27

When sadness kicks in, I still feel a lot more comfortable when it takes a shape and I can get in touch with it, asking for its name, its origine… It tires me a lot to be blue for no reason. 

Tuesday Toffee #26: Walk like a boy

What still remained very clear even in these feverish hours, were the T-shirt messages I was reading since we embarked on our trip. Synchronicity? Messages of God? Or the collective unconscious? I think both. You can decide to yourself as I’ll share examples of my precious collection.

Tuesday Toffee #25: longevity, grief, and the ten rules of ikigai

What else would worth to live this life through if not to give the best of ourselves, on whichever way we can?

Tuesday Toffee #24: solace

It is said that a shaman walks alive the land of the dead.
It’s on the other side of a heartbeat, where time doesn’t exist.

Tuesday Toffee #23: your choice of trust

Good results cannot happen without trust: whatever your attitude is, it gets essential in your therapeutic processes. No trust, no results. It’s as simple as this.