Since June 2019, I offer the healing practices of Miranda Gray , and I became a level 3 Moon Mother® priestess in September 2021.

Every woman after having received her first menstruation can participate in the Worldwide Womb Blessing®, organized 5 times a year across the globe. Women who passed beyond their menopause or don’t have a womb can also participate in the energy healing practices.

The path of a Moon Mother® is to participate in the process Female Energy Awakening, serving the Divine Feminine, through self-development, empowerment, integration, and acceptance. It is a path to accept feminine energies and reconnect with the Divine Feminine, and integrate her into our lives as fully as possible.

As a level 3 Moon Mother® and registered remote practitioner, I offer the Female Energy Awakening into the Light Womb Blessing® and the Feminine Soul Healings sessions on individual levels in person and in distance, I offer the level 3 Cauldron (Womb) Energiser for groups in person and in distance.

I am also offering the “Opening to Sacredness” and “Opening to Peace” Womb Blessings in-person, as well as the Gift for Men and Grail Renewal for men in person.

These beautiful healing practices originate in the Worldwide Womb Blessing® by Miranda Gray.

A Womb Healing session equilibrates, connects and heals our female energy centers, helping us to find balance in our female energy archetypes and in our cycles.
  • It helps to balance our hormonal and emotional states in case you are still menstruating
  • It brings spiritual connection and authenticity in our daily lives, with a stronger self-acceptance
  • It works with the four main feminine archetypes, accepting and integrating their presence in our daily life
  • It helps to transform our emotional and physiological patterns
  • For women who already passed beyond their menopause, it helps you to reconnect with your complete, authentic female energies
  • For men, I offer the gift of sacred feminine to heal and reconnect with the sacred masculine within
The Womb Blessing® Syntonisation or attunement is a deeply transforming experience which consists of the syntonisation or harmonisation with the Sacred Feminine.
  • Guides us in our menstrual cycle with acceptance and love
  • Heals our womb centers and through this, our lives and our connections
  • It reconnects us with our authentic female sensations empowering a deeper sensation of self, self-acceptance,
  • It helps to process and transit situations of a high level of stress, grief, loss, irregular menstruation, and different medical conditions