Tuesday Toffee #10: homecoming

Homecoming is returning to the source of one’s being. Entering the path which can be walked by only you, and no one else can show you where it lays. Homecoming is accepting what has always been present during those long years of yearning and searching and longing to find the place where you belong, a timeless tribal … Continue reading Tuesday Toffee #10: homecoming

Tuesday Toffee #5: together, further

One of my findings of the past years is how highly individualists we westerners are. Maybe, not everyone of us, and of course, it depends on our cultural background, the societies we’ve grown up in, on our families, etc. There are societies that encourage more individuality and others, which are a lot more community focused. … Continue reading Tuesday Toffee #5: together, further

Tuesday Toffee #4: Silence

I spent 4 days in Budapest last week, helping my mom to get better. Amongst many other things, she has lyme-disease… which is ain’t no fun, I assure you. Especially with a public healthcare system which is bleeding out – e.g. there were no soap, neither toilet paper in the hospital where she was taken when … Continue reading Tuesday Toffee #4: Silence

“Sakurando” – lost in time

We arrived to Doha, capital of Qatar at 6.30am local time. The 24 degrees at dawn already hit the chest and the lungs were welcoming humidity in the air. Eternal spring, or summer, with all shades of yellow and some blue. I feel even more lost in time after a short (4 hrs) recovery sleep in our … Continue reading “Sakurando” – lost in time


Yesterday I watched a movie suggested by a friend, its title is “About time“. It’s sweet, about a time-traveler family. More precisely it’s about a family in which the men are capable to travel back in time. There are some important parts of the story I don’t want to spoil as you may want to watch it – … Continue reading wind