Tuesday Toffee #7: relaxing the heart

This is a zen-master quest, I would say so, or any mindfulness-centred person’s conquest to reach the so-called inner peace (which is so nicely outlined in Kung-Fu Panda 2). My inner zen-master’s quest. Transitioning through a physical summer job toward brighter meadows brings up lots of emotional, mental and physical stress. I am not designed to … Continue reading Tuesday Toffee #7: relaxing the heart

at the same time

I don’t know how it is possible, but it is possible, as I feel it since some days. It will be a week from tomorrow morning. I feel teared apart by completely opposite feelings. How is it possible to feel both happy and sad – at the same time? To feel booth miserable and blessed … Continue reading at the same time

Listen to yourself

Listening to myself sometimes is an irrational, inexplicable, weird thing. How could I ever explain those hard-to-touch sensations in my stomach, which restrain me to say “yes” to something or someone? Oh, I trespassed this silent companion so many times, and then hurt myself so deep that I have no  patience more, nor time, or rather I don’t … Continue reading Listen to yourself


The migration from doing to being. As we constantly and always are obsessed by doing things, it is incredibly hard to absorb being the way it is – to soften instead of harden against whatever is on the way toward us. This feels impossible sometimes. Like all what I am is justified by doing this … Continue reading Migrating