retrospective blisters on the feet (happens sometimes) a pair of slacks torn apart during dance (never happened before) sweat like a bath over the body, totally wet (almost always happens, forgot how it feels) didn’t feel I danced (wow! amazing. never happened. what’s going on?!) interviews: praise the Lord! (one down, one to come, going to … Continue reading balance

at the same time

I don’t know how it is possible, but it is possible, as I feel it since some days. It will be a week from tomorrow morning. I feel teared apart by completely opposite feelings. How is it possible to feel both happy and sad – at the same time? To feel booth miserable and blessed … Continue reading at the same time


So home is where your heart is. That’s how it’s said. Where’s my heart? Oh yes, it’s beating in my chest, here, closer than anything. I can travel to it through my breath. And yet, so many times it’s easy to feel like it would be far-far away. Always looking to the distance, into the past, … Continue reading home


It took more than three months to absorb and digest and let things shrink inside and find their place. Allowing change to manifest, allowing myself and my body to renew, to reborn, and become different; it did worth every single moment. No doubt. Finally, I’m back on the dance floor! Welcoming back those lovely blisters … Continue reading Dance


Dance is a language. It uses grammar, rhythm, positioning. Dance is the rhythm within the body when we listen to the inner music: like pulsation of the blood, heartbeats, and the soft waves of other deeper fluids – smoothing and hardening. The dance of the breath. The micro-movements of the skin touching with another, closing up … Continue reading Dance