Tuesday Toffee #18: Stillness

Flowing Staccato Chaos Lyrical Stillness “Waves move in patterns. Patterns move in rhythms. A human being is just that  —energy, waves, patterns, rhythms. Nothing more. Nothing less. A dance.” Gabrielle Roth Stillness is compassion, death, spirit, healing, an infinite connection with the innermost, it is what moves in you in those vast, untouchable, nameless spaces, … Continue reading Tuesday Toffee #18: Stillness

Tuesday Toffee #10: homecoming

Homecoming is returning to the source of one’s being. Entering the path which can be walked by only you, and no one else can show you where it lays. Homecoming is accepting what has always been present during those long years of yearning and searching and longing to find the place where you belong, a timeless tribal … Continue reading Tuesday Toffee #10: homecoming

Tuesday Toffee #2: the alchemist (repost)

Sometimes a short 72 hours trip moves you more than months of traveling. I guess this is the connection to the motherland. Back in Barcelona the week starts a bit clumsy facing all the challenges I have: building up my new life, finding a recurring revenue (with a job I like to do) for the transition … Continue reading Tuesday Toffee #2: the alchemist (repost)

dust, polish the mirror of my heart

from inside to outside from below to upward following the sun to the horizon lighting the candle in the dark holding a hand, a heart, sweat, sing, whisper, cry, offer, kiss a prayer letting breath go be grateful for the light inside and out for the warmth of interconnectedness for the bed, the food, to love … Continue reading dust, polish the mirror of my heart