Postcards #35 from Billy

Yes, it’s cat day again – you missed him, didn’t you?!

Billy really is a sweet cat. Sometimes, out of the blue he just wants to be held, and it doesn’t matter if you’re working or not, you should stop whatever you’re doing, let him cuddle on your lap and pet him.

And even more rarely, he just wants to be held by his forehead, or at his head. I mean, he means, that if he can’t come to my lap, please, hold his head at least, if I would. I know what he means, I’ve been there, felt that. So this how we worked today afternoon.


Tomorrow I start a five days long 5 rhythms workshop – Cycles (it is about the cycles we live – birth/childhood/young adult/senior/death – and meeting our teachers in these cycles. Something in me is scared as shit, so I guess I’ll have real fun during these five days. But also, it’s been sooo long that these feet (and other bodyparts) would have the chance to dance (last time in June), that it will be a-w-e-s-o-m-e.

And to let transformation and liberation happen we ought to move toward that which feels uncomfortable and threatens our believes and illusions.

We’ll do keep up the Catalan classes (today we finished the 35th!), I’ll keep sending you my postcards, and I do also a little secret-sharing of my book on my social sites, to celebrate that it’s going to be published on the 4th October. If you speak Spanish and you’re interested, you’re more than welcome to check it: click to go to Facebook – and to Instagram or Twitter.

Onward, with love, and dancing feet


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