Postcards #36 from Cycles

The next couple of days (until Sunday) the postcards will be a lot more personal than usual because just because.

5 rhythms is a movement meditation practice developed by Grabrielle Roth (1941 – 2012).  I read her book – Maps to Extasy – when I was 18 or 19 years old. It fascinated me. Until 2011 I HAD NO IDEA that 5 rhythms could actually be practiced… So I danced only ecstatic dance and other free dances before, but not 5rhythms.

So I dance since 2011, and once I wanted to do the formation to become a teacher, but life took me to different paths, and actually, here I have no rush at all. I will do it, one day, in a couple of years, if I shall be accepted. Now I just enjoy dancing.

The first level is the body, working with physical (but as we know, the through the physical we can reach everything),  called Waves. And waves are the base of everything. Then comes the practice of Heartbeat, which means working with emotions THROUGH the body. Visibility. Forms. Energy. Then comes CYCLES. Working with all our relations in our body – birth/mother, father, puberty, maturity, and death. Mother, Father, Me, Society, Univers.

It’s been SO LONG that I desired to participate in Cycles… it’s such a gift. <3

As the first day was about Mother, I leave you today a postcard from my mother and me from a galaxy far-far away.
Thank you for being You, thank you for being me. Thank you for being one, thank you for being different. Thank you for being, and for letting be.

postcards from Mother.jpg

We managed class 36, we’re heroes!! <3


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