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“Waves move in patterns. Patterns move in rhythms. A human being is just that 
—energy, waves, patterns, rhythms. Nothing more. Nothing less. A dance.”
Gabrielle Roth

Stillness is compassion, death, spirit, healing,

an infinite connection with the innermost,

it is what moves in you in those vast, untouchable, nameless spaces, offering body and shape and rhythm to whatever needs to be shaped and danced and painted and sculptured.

Stillness is that fertile ground from which all other rhythms emerge and where all come home at the end. In stillness everything can be, without efforts, simply, what it is.

Some of my best dancing experiences was born in stillness: the huge “space” in music mixed with the close presence of my own breath, the soft waves that allow to dissolve on the levels of atoms, giving way to an even stronger and powerful dance than in chaos. The welcoming space where grief and death and letting go of old spirits can be done, as one dancing ritual, sacred, pure and purifying.

Healing the deep.
Whatever is there, needs space to unfold, to be, to become, to move on, to become air and come to peace.

And then in one moment finding the way back to my breath, slowing down, being with the tender vibrations left behind by the inhabited waves; and experience again the music rising within, a new wave dragging the body to dance in ways that surprise even the dancer.

The dancer becomes the dance, one with the music, one with the movements, one with the breath, one with the tribe.

Stillness is my element. Flow is always handy, staccato sometimes is hard to open up to, sometimes easy to engage with, Chaos is home and protection and freedom and madness and letting go, lyrical is the one with which I found my connection only a few years ago – – –

Stillness is something I know, inside and out, I work with it during my therapies, I am an apprentice learning its depts and heights, its motionless waves and its tempests, the quietness behind all actions.

It thrills me, wakes me up, engages deep down, drags me onto my own void space and disconnects totally from the mind. In stillness my own personal myth expresses itself, becoming the Priestess, together with the community, parts coming together, and inhabit to exist in this togetherness without forcing, wanting, prohibiting.

It’s amazing to recognise through the dance how this “rhythm” is always present in my life, and how actually I am connected with it through my therapeutic works. I am deeply grateful for its presence, its wildness, softness, sweetness, that can contain everything and be the calm ground in the same time.

Have a great week, full of stillness and Chinese New Year celebration! Why not celebrate the Fire Rooster with some fiery dance? 🙂



PS: The photo is from Slovenia, Slap Kodjak, Kobarid

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