Tuesday Toffee #26: Walk like a boy

What still remained very clear even in these feverish hours, were the T-shirt messages I was reading since we embarked on our trip. Synchronicity? Messages of God? Or the collective unconscious? I think both. You can decide to yourself as I’ll share examples of my precious collection.

Tuesday Toffee #14: thinking animal

Let’s try a wild thing. You’re notified that you are going to die within 3 months. Do you feel that chill in your brain? As your thoughts stop when the meaning of the heard sentences sink in your mind and start to spread? Do you hear the silence? I know, this is kind of an old … Continue reading Tuesday Toffee #14: thinking animal

Tuesday Toffee #5: together, further

One of my findings of the past years is how highly individualists we westerners are. Maybe, not everyone of us, and of course, it depends on our cultural background, the societies we’ve grown up in, on our families, etc. There are societies that encourage more individuality and others, which are a lot more community focused. … Continue reading Tuesday Toffee #5: together, further