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Postcards #60 from Shinrin-yoku

There is that hunger that you cannot tame with food. A nature-shaped emptiness in the soul, that connects only with the sound of the rain, the song of the wind, the dance of the tree branches and leaves.

An emptiness that needs the vastness of the Earth, the green, the blue, the white, the yellow, the red and the brown, the horizon, the birdsongs, the spiders, the rocks, oh yes, the rocks…

It’s also a thirst of touching the earth by the feet, Earth to feet directly, no asphalt, and sink in the rest of the world as part of it, as a sister or brother, in connection with what is in and what is out.

Come back to the trees, the bushes, the rocks, to the water and to the stars. Come, sit with me, watching the clouds dancing with the wind, and swimming slowly away.


By today I’m almost fluent listening everyday Catalan.  Though we’re going 3 classes behind 60, and we’re to stretch my verbal skills.

We’re home already, and I miss the mountains and the forest.

The video and the photo are taken at the Consolación.


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