Postcards #57 from an earthling

Those who know me you’d know that I rarely speak about politics.

Today is and is not an exception: it depends on your way of understanding. You’ll tell.

I came across a documentary that will be published soon on a recent Noble Prize winner, Nadia Murad . I didn’t know how hard life this young woman had to go through and sustain to be able to speak up for human rights – and especially: for women to be recognized as rightful, feeling and thinking persons.

We all know what is going on: climate catastrophe is approaching, we’re highly overpopulated, and all countries have a (mostly) corrupt political systems and very few politics without highly egoistic life-goals. Let’s face, the most of us have highly unique and egoistic life-goals with no consideration of others, if possible.

From the eyes of this earthling here, all I can see, that the way we treat ourselves (and the others) is how the world is. You possibly know this already.

We are in this together – because whatever is going to happen, it’s going to happen to all of us; and, all things we are “fighting against” are symptoms of the same sickness. I know it’s not possible to treat everything at the same time, but what calls upon us to step up, whatever aspect of life it might be, it calls upon us to cooperate. We cannot do this alone. We need to see beyond our head/home/street/city/country/continent. Beyond our nationality and language.

It is our personal responsibility with a collective goal, and each of us each day can decide where and how we want (or not) participate. And to participate you don’t need much: with a smile, acknowledging the other person on the street, you’ve already done something to make things better. Then, of course, there is a lot more you can do, and yes, it includes change: we cannot continue on as if nothing was happening.

I don’t have a solution, I know this is a very complex question, and what one can do is exactly what I guess we are already doing: starting to be the change in our own lives, and with our own circle of connections, and so on. From what I learned and experienced, wherever we want to go as humanity it needs to start within us, on individual levels. Be ready to change yourself if you really want to see a change in the world. (There are of course actions, but actions are also based on intentions, which is the will-power-fuel of all actions). Therefore, if you might:

  • Be kind, radically, with no exception, whenever you can. (And as the Dalai Lama says, you always can.) If you fail, forgive yourself, we are all humans and fail sometimes.
  • Forgive yourself, and then start to forgive to others and let go all those painful memories you hid and never want to relive. You don’t need to do it alone. Find someone to help you to go through your personal hell, not as a victim but as an observer. We’ve been there, we’ve done it, we can help you – there are many professionals, or friends as well. Find the one who can guide you through. Keep what you need, and let go what you don’t.
  • Grow, grow your roots deeper that you could grow higher and higher and maybe even fly one day.
  • Seek solutions instead of problems. A help that comes too late is no use at all.
  • Be generous. Period.
  • Seek to understand and to be understood. There are words beyond yours, with equal truths and experiences, of which you might know nothing.
  • Speak for yourself and tell the truth. You can’t clean things with a dirty sponge.
  • Be brave. We are all here to experience LIFE. No one is an exception.

The roots of wrongdoing are connected, and everything that is a violation, abuse, corruption, disrespect, misconduct is connected and needs to be seen as symptoms of the same “disease”. What is this “disease”? Do you have an answer?



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