Just because you don’t see it…

… it’s still there. That lovely white sticker on the bottom of your shoes, yes, it’s there. This is one of those things.

I always wonder how can that be possible that someone forgets to take off this little thingy. And I am always amused to see it when I walk after someone (woman or man, doesn’t matter): with the rhythm of the steps, when the heal comes backward and the foot is elevated if the sticker is there it’s loudly disposed to everyone’s eyes who walks behind the person.

Though I’ve never seen this with kids. I think they are still too happy to wear whatever shoes they have – I remember I always loved to get new shoes.

Well, just because you don’t see it – it’s there! Next time you buy new shoes, please,  I beg you, don’t forget to check the bottom of your shoes… Don’t ruin your wonderful outfit with this tiny sticky paper.

2 thoughts on “Just because you don’t see it…”

  1. oopsy! I’m one of those which always forget to remove the stickers.
    Probably is because my feet want to move forward and make me walk and look for challenges. But on the other side probably I wanna keep the change to return the shoes as to keep the option to return to the starting point.
    Interesting post Anna!
    I reckon I have something to think about tonight. X

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