Timing is very important – it’s the basic element of rhythms. Any rhythms. Harmonies, disharmonies, order and chaos: there is something hidden, something sacred, uncontrollable, like a miracle, a wonder, that allows itself to be seen in those magnificent moments when the getaway of right timing is open. Like a kiss of the muse: you cannot force it, you can only be grateful when you receive it…

Syncronicity, or “meaningful coincidence” is a great example of being connected with your inner realm, with others around you and with the heavens/universe/God (it’s up to you how you call it). It’s like peeping in an open window for a moment or two where we can experience incredible harmonies of which we are also part of! I really love these moments.

I cannot think about any phenomena where timing wouldn’t play a crucial role. It feels like power-lines running around the globe, and you need to decide when and how to grab one, when and how to allow your life to change, when and how reach out to grab another or the following “line”, and so on. As if every singe step or thought we make would be connected with this global, invisible wire-system having an effect on whatever is happening with us and around us.

It is time to become aware of our interconnectedness, of our intentions, desires and the flow we’re part of. And, often ignored, timing is key as it either supports – with easiness and flow; or holds us back – by obstacles, closed doorways on the path toward which we wanted to move forward. I believe we all have such invisible guidance, manifesting itself in things, encounters, possibilities. Especially in times of significant changes, and when we’re camping in transition zone (without much stability, which forces us to stay in the present moment). What makes a big difference is if the time gate is already open for those crucial issues to move forward or not. For example, it is simply impossible to force certain things to happen: it doesn’t really matter how much I want, or how intensively I desire something because I am convinced that it will be good for me or for others. Simply it just doesn’t matter. Even if it really is beneficial, and is part of my life-plan, and I’m consciously planting the desire to become true every single day: it shall arrive to my life only then, when the time has mellowed for it to happen. It’s like forcing a seed to blossom before it would break trough the ground, to push a child’s body to grow up to an adult’s body before time or trying to persuade someone to fall in love with you – all these are beyond our realm to rule.

We did  inherit this common knowledge indeed from legends, myths and fairy tales as well as from the wisdom traditions that nurtured us all over the globe. For example you can find it in the Old Testament (Ecclesiastes 3whereas the oriental philosophy is full of it as well (e.g. Lao-Tzu’s Tao Te Ching). Still we’re often keen on believing that our impatience is rightful.
I often face this. And I know how painful the long days of “waiting for THE CHANGE to happen” can be. Because I can sense change long before it would appear. But neither this matters. What matters then? Change is inevitable, and if we’re stuck, we won’t get anywhere. And pain is there to teach us something. One of my favourite philosopher, Béla Hamvas, arrives to the following conclusion:

“It isn’t urgency that determines the circumstances of change, rather the maturity of the subject.” (Levelek, 2011)

This one sentence clangs a Tibetan bowl within and I listen the peaceful silence after the sound disappears. This helped me to understand: it doesn’t really matter what I want. It’s of course important that I desire things (material, immaterial, whatever), as it creates my dimension and my pathways. However without learning to surrender, to let it go and accept my present moment with all its inner and outer imperfections, I’ll be stuck. I cannot find strong enough words to describe how much being stuck stresses me. It can bring up all those feelings of being trapped, lacking power to change (usually it comes when I feel like I have done everything I could), uselessness, etc. Sounds familiar?
Yes, everything I could I’ve done, except… one important thing. Right, it’s that incredibly hard dimension-movement: surrender. Stop fighting for, or against, let it go, let it be.

Feelings come and go: impatience, anger, sadness – and some shiny lovely light-beams of acceptance guide me forward through the mass. What’s within an emotion? What is it, and what’s beyond? There are things beyond and beneath. So I explore, observe, and grow within. I learn to accept and to let go. I learn patience. I learn to feel happy and fulfilled wherever I am right now with whatever I have: and eventually the change arrives, always in perfect timing, not sooner, nor later than it had to. Maybe this is when finally I was, I am ready for what it brings.

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Anna Sólyom

Certified TRE® Provider, Biodynamic craniosacral therpaist, PSYCH-K® advanced facilitator. Writer. Dancer. Body consciousness. Mindfulness practices and meditations. Reconnect with your wellbeing.

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