Dance is a language. It uses grammar, rhythm, positioning.
Dance is the rhythm within the body when we listen to the inner music: like pulsation of the blood, heartbeats, and the soft waves of other deeper fluids – smoothing and hardening. The dance of the breath. The micro-movements of the skin touching with another, closing up with some materia, or a person, or even with the wind. Another skin outside, even closer: another heartbeat. Melting and opening in hugging someone. Closing down and opening up, becoming a rock and softening with a hug. Bravery. Showing your inner world, your naked self within this symbol of your corps. Sacred imperfection. Our deep vulnerability, a bright and soft smile in the mirror of a gazing pair of eyes.

Dance is to arrive home. I am home in the body. We became close friends during the years. And yet again, it’s new, I’m renewed inside, and need to learn my new language of my own. Body. From inside to out. From down to up. Exploring when the unknown takes my hand, allowing it to join in from my fingertips and slowly curve upward to my chest, glide down besides the spine searching for a solid ground to move. Then let it go, then move that hidden language which is like a music, or roots giving birth to a plant growing toward the sky, I wish I could play an instrument – here’s my body, here’s my instrument, a sacred moment on its own.

Dance is becoming and dying in the same time. It’s present. It happens nowHere.
Do not think. Do not ever think. Think with you heart. Think with your moving elbows, your singing ankles, your unbalanced hips and hurting knees, let them talk, finally, let them find a way, your soles, on their own. Head – step away. Follow. Support. Become music, become a living poem,
full of lines in-between lines. Become a metaphor, a symbol, become yourself who you’ve never thought you can be or you really are but may always have dreamed about – become, live it fully, get amazed, let it go and let it be. Share. Rejoice. That’s the bliss.

Find your language. Create a new. Allow to mingle with other languages – ballet, jazz-ballet, modern dance, drama-theater, yoga, marital arts, salsa, rumba, tango, African, Bharatnatyam and Kutchipudi from India, Javanese dance, the dance of the whales under the waters, your own, your secret, your true free dance which is born in the depth of your bones. Each whit a different grammar. Each with a different spirit. Become one. Let it melt, let is swing, let it jazz, let it go.

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Anna Sólyom

Certified TRE® Provider, Biodynamic craniosacral therpaist, PSYCH-K® advanced facilitator. Writer. Dancer. Body consciousness. Mindfulness practices and meditations. Reconnect with your wellbeing.

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