New beginning

My new life began on Friday, just right after when I got fired. The expected transfer did happen on an unexpected manner.

Everything is new. This end, this shut door is definitely a new beginning, the freshest ever possible restart. I can rewrite, repaint, re-craft whatever is ahead of me. I am shocked and excited, feeling sad and grateful at the same time.
Freedom is sweet, and I can and will offer space and time to myself to find the paths. So many ideas circulate within, I need  to draw a map. Literally. For example, can offer more time to writing, more time to practice craniosacral therapy, can do more yoga, and just rest and enjoy this lovely early summer in Barcelona. What a precious gift.

It feels sad and shocked, with some grief like after a breakup. It’s all right. I am free. And I am free to be.

Here is a lovely picture made on the first day of my new life. After a even more lovely farewell lunch with closest colleagues, trying to pull my mind together lying on a bench on the sun. So I knew I am not alone. And I realized at a certain moment that this is it: this is my big new chance and beginning, this is the first day of my new life. This is when I made the picture.


And this is my song today, this is my dance today. What’s yours?

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Anna Sólyom

Certified TRE® Provider, Biodynamic craniosacral therpaist, PSYCH-K® advanced facilitator. Writer. Dancer. Body consciousness. Mindfulness practices and meditations. Reconnect with your wellbeing.

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