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My very first Monday of being unemployed. This is a milestone. Some paperwork still need to be arranged, and it takes some time. What am I going to do…?

To my greatest surprise, I am full of ideas and plans. Actually, I feel quite excited (I already told this, I know). I have so many ideas which started to come out from the cupboard, that I hardly can keep counting them. Wo-ho-hooo, this is going to be quite a ride!

And this is not the time for chaos or self-pity, neither for the bad, nor for the good. I’m done with that. It’s the time for well considered actions, reviewing plans and connecting with dreams. I believe this is time to put in action all what I know about how to build up the life I want to live. Simplicity is one of the key words. And both the body and the spirit needs to be kept healthy and in action in order to perform up to its best! And, even though summer approaches quickly, this is an excellent time to explore and redefine what can I study to move forward toward my goals. So, the 5 words long question of all questions: what do I really want? This is a good one to review time to time, wherever we are in our lives. Just to check back that we’re still on that road we wanted to be, and haven’t compromised our goals.

A primordial order is necessary, as otherwise we fall apart. This is human nature. This is the supportive role of habits – of healthy habits. Right now, I find these components crucial and beneficial for such purposes:

  • Yoga – to support and educate the body.
  • Meditation – to clear up the mass within, reconnect with the inner Master and find our true bliss.
  • Sports – to workout and test our limits (e.g. swimming, running).
  • Meeting with friends – to allow time developing the feeling and trust that we are not alone.
  • Arts – drawing, panting, writing, dancing, sculpting, music – just another form of meditation and allows to express what’s inside. For the joy of creation.
  • Studying new things – language, a new discipline, something that sparks the interest and keeps us excited.
  • Exploring whatever lays outside of our comfort zone – an excursion, a new connection: some small challenges.
  • Look for a new job. This has to be a daily practice as well, including reviewing and editing the CV, identifying positions that fit, start application process, etc.
  • Enjoy free time, don’t push, clean up the mass and throw out what is not needed or supportive any more, but don’t forget to give space for the unexpected, invite the unknown, the magic; allow the flow to take you where it goes and allow synchronicity manifest whenever.
  • Volunteer. Some little service for others – should it be dog walking, or a massage, or doing shopping for someone can be really helpful to offer some of the energy-overloads we may have.
  • Sleep in time and spend time in nature. This helps to avoid anxiety and depression.

Well, the list possibly isn’t full. I tried to bring this down to general approach, however I believe everyone is different. And I only started to test this approach. Still I truly believe that in order to let go the shock of being fired we need to start something right then, we need to apply a new order right away, to replace the habit of going to work with something else in the mornings. So it is crucial to get up in time, and teach ourselves habits which can keep us together in the period of looking for a work – or a sabbatical leave. Which is slightly different. Presently I am not sure I can allow myself to take a sabbatical, though this is one of the options as well. I will see how this goes.

And, draw a map. This is my plan as well. Draw a map with whatever technique you find suitable (watercolor, oil, pen or pencil) as this will help to see where you are exactly, what are the different places you want to get to, you can follow the ideas that pop up in your mind and see if they really have that thing you look for; you can break down what do you need for a plan in terms of logistics, etc. This can also be a useful exercise.

I also invite you to share your experiences of similar situations in the comments :). Let’s learn from each other!


P.S.: I know I sound super positive. But I still can feel this shock and wound. And after having checked the situation with a labor layer, it feels steady and clumsy and I wish I have someone doing all these things for me. Or instead of me.

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Anna Sólyom

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