changeandbalance, rhythms


The migration from doing to being.
As we constantly and always are obsessed by doing things, it is incredibly hard to absorb being the way it is – to soften instead of harden against whatever is on the way toward us. This feels impossible sometimes. Like all what I am is justified by doing this or that. That particular slowing down, giving the permission for all others as well, to be, and only be, be without doing.

It’s not about letting everything go, and do nothing, to allow chaos to overwhelm you. And it’s about letting everything go, and do nothing except what is necessary, and allow peace to fill all within, by letting everything go. Even those unnamed things which rise with the morning sun from the depths of the night.

Migrating from doing to being is like migrating from the head  (and mind) to the heart (and true feelings). This is the zen-migration. Such a long way to walk.

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