It took more than three months to absorb and digest and let things shrink inside and find their place. Allowing change to manifest, allowing myself and my body to renew, to reborn, and become different; it did worth every single moment. No doubt.

Finally, I’m back on the dance floor! Welcoming back those lovely blisters on my big toe which came out so quickly because they were created so deep 3-4 months ago when I danced last. As it was quite intensive that time, 7 days in a row, then again 3 days within a week.. 5 Rhythms and Open Floor.
Moreover, it was a new beginning today also, Flow – with so heartfelt and amazing musics which were completely – c o m p l e t e l y – in synchronicity with my inner things. Such an amazing thing to witness this kind of tuned-togetherness! It isn’t always like this, not at all, this is why I feel tonight was an amazing gift. Thanks a lot, Noelia, if you read this. And there were many gifts indeed, not only one. Beautiful tribe-experience, little group and one-o-one dances as well with my own dances. Moved inside and out, danced, danced, and danced my brand new body, and it was such a pleasure to explore how it moved.
Many things changed in these past 3 months, as I also attended an NSA – Network Spinal Analysis therapy. And I stopped eating bread, and pasta, and pizza… (no gluten, except some beers sometimes). And I love Italian kitchen. But it worth it, again, I feel much better since I don’t eat normal bread (wheat). I feel good in my body and my depression also moved out. That’s what I call a change. And a good one.

Since I arrived home I fed my dear body and contemplated on my day. It’s good to be back on the dance floor! Having my body full of sparking blood and fresh oxygen, spaciousness inside and the sweet blisters which may make my day tomorrow. I am so grateful for myself that I went. You know, it’s always a choice. Especially, if it’s been a while.

This was one of the songs we danced (in the first waves) – enjoy!

Featured photo is by Dino ahmad ali , Creative Commons Licence


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