Yesterday I watched a movie suggested by a friend, its title is “About time“. It’s sweet, about a time-traveler family. More precisely it’s about a family in which the men are capable to travel back in time. There are some important parts of the story I don’t want to spoil as you may want to watch it – and if you already have kids that will be even more meaningful for you. The other part which I want to talk about, is something his father tells Tim as a good advice, like “live each of your days once again to be able to live it as fully, as possible, finally concentrating on the sweetness of each moment, the beauty of whoever and whatever is around you, and leave the stress behind”. Oh dear, how much I’d love to do this too. But then, at the end Tim comes up with such a zen solution which resonates even without being able to travel back in time.
Do you remember those awkward first rendezvous? Or when you terribly wanted to meet someone who you didn’t catch or from who you walked away..? Of course, not only these, but the film starts up with these stories as we’re listening a 21 years old guy :).

Anyway. It was a good movie to watch on a Friday evening when I couldn’t attend a party as I got a bit sick with my usual “I worked my ass off and my body is exhausted, I should rest, oh I can’t, of course I need to host someone and then next day go to Festa de Gracia” sickness.  So clearly on Thursday I started to feel less and less OK, and quite bad by Friday.
But as I already know the pattern, and dare to meditate about it (to get better more quickly if possible), I didn’t fall over the edge, it seems, I can do it in short 2-4 days instead of a week of staying in bed. And today, I had to get out finally, had to see and smell some green, had to move and feel the Earth under my bare feet… so rode a bicycle slowly, let the sun shine and dance, and let the wind play on my hair and my skin softly. Oh, I was so deeply grateful for this day, I don’t know since how long was I not paying attention to things like these. I found so much joy in slowing down. It seems some message from Tim sneaked in yesterday, from the movie. And even though I may loose it tomorrow, or anytime, my skin, my hair, my feet, my bones, my lungs, my eyes remember: it’s the same old stuff as “live every day like it was your last one” but hey, someone finally told me the way it landed exactly where it had to and I could let it be, and stay present. Not pulled back to the past, or taken forward to the future, just allowing myself to enjoy.. where I was. Where I am. Such a harmony, a balanced comfort, both inside and outside; simple, peaceful and calm.

The Ciutadella park had amazing lights today, those fresh and clean contrasts of shadow and light with clouds and deep blue… it rained in the morning and this left its cleanness in the town. And the wind just kept playing, and playing, caressing and whiffling so gently like a long time haven’t seen love cheering to touch and hug.


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