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Today, I take a moment and a deep breath to calm my heart. More deep breaths. Every day it’s different. Every day is a gift, when life’s beauties are here and I feel so well protected and gifted I feel somehow a bit ashamed I cannot keep my level of gratitude as high as I ought to. Today, or maybe yesterday, or it’s happening since a while (yes, it does); today something came across the Media which shook everyone (mostly those who have a child, on the first place): a storm reached the costs of Europe, finally, where the broken body of that little boy was found in Turkey. I will not publish that photo.

But I will share with you a photo album  (down here below) from Facebook, from Hungary, from one of the main train stations in Budapest (Keleti Pályaudvar). These photos are made by a friend, and all you can see are kids… They are beautiful, terrified, raw, lovely, angel-like, pure, shaky, heartbreaking, naked… I have no kids.. (yet) but I can’t resist the power of these children’s eyes, they are filled with worse memories and terrors I’ve ever had till today… and with incredible strength, wisdom, fear and even joy, hope and love! I wish I could give all of them a hug..  for who they are. For being able to be so glorious as they are even in such a situation. For being themselves, pure, lovely little flames and wonders of life. This is why I share these photos with you.

I will not comment on political matters, and how the Hungarian government is using the situation for its own purpose, and I will not question if humanity has disappeared or not. For I know, I see, I hear, I witness people all around Europe, friends and unknown persons acting and writing about the refugee situation due to the Syrian war. I know one thing. Every single life is precious. Every. Single. Life. Is. Precious. It’s time to start honoring each other, it’s time to became the flames again, who we were as kids, and to open our hearts and tend the wounds of this world, as they are huge, and they are infected.
May the river of tears wash all of us clean of those mistakes we’ve made collectively to reach this point. History has seen worse. And it may see again, if we won’t take responsibility in this matter. We all can find our ways, I am sure of that. May we pray from the bottom of our heart for each human being to find peace, love and freedom in this life.

Click on the photo to see the rest of it:

Keleti Train Station, Budapest - Zsolt Toroczkai
Keleti Train Station, Budapest; Photo credits: Zsolt Toroczkai

Hug, hug, hug to you all! Please hug someone today. We’re terribly “under-hugged” and it’s such a gift to accept or give a hug to another human being… please.. warm your hearts up and do so. A virtual hug to you.

And this is a music from IMANY I find it fits. Enjoy. Dare to dance your prayer…

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