New York, New York

During those 2,5 years I spent working as business development manager for an IT company in the business of election softwares (like online voting, etc); travelling across Central and Eastern-Europe back and forth, every or every other week, I lost all my desire and joy for travels. I became as dry as a river bend wherein no water had run for many-many years, filled with deserted sand and whitened earth.

I was dragged to New York yesterday, taken, hauled by a man for whom I even consider to leave my comfort zone and open up to change some of my stiffened believes (e.g. about hotel beds. I think it’s called love.)

Right after arriving to JFK airport we stormed down in city, by the Time Square. I am a European citizen in my heart, and I never will be anything else I guess. And I was totally energised and fascinated by that illuminating american dream which Time Square stands for.

However, under the surface, very curious and rather sorrowful things became visible in between Micky Mouse, The Smurfs and the Minions crossing and posing with tourists. Wildly hungry people for human attention, the McDonald’s felt like a shelter for refugies of homeless and weird people, and it also was quite visible on the streets.

After 24 hours of being awake and crossing the Atlantic I could sleep only 6-7 hrs, the excitement of being in this city and my biorhythm woke me up for almost the first lights of the rising sun (though it’s quite a rainy day here, so let’s say, the first fingers of the light touching the window of our hotel room).

I am in New York. Wow. What a life. I think I can give it another try, and rediscover the joy of traveling. There’s no better spot to reinitiate than the city of Woody Allen, Central Park, Sex and the City, Autumn in New York, etc. You know that sparking bright feeling in the depth of your bones when you finally feel awake and alive? That’s it. Sparks of light. Hello, New York! Thanks for letting me in :).

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