Very recently, I took part in an artistic project.

It started as a regular day, my partner said that he’s going to record the new song for this musical project called “12 Autumns“. 12 Autumns is an art therapeutic project, wherein he composes different piece of music each month, reflecting on his life-journey, and performs it with different artists. It is a beautiful project, which initially he started to support his recovery from depression.

The 7th Autumn is something very special. Also for me. I didn’t know it, until the night before, where we had a jamming at his flat with other music-friends. The song’s title is IGEN, which in Hungarian – my language – means: YES.

It’s a wonderful thing to receive a song from the person you love, especially with such a title… kind of reassuring, that – it is with everything, YES, with everything, that I want you. Every little thing, together with all perfection and imperfection. At least, for me, it means this (I hope it means something similar to him too! 🙂 ).

And, as a surprise, I was asked to read a little quote from my book in Hungarian in the beginning. Then, another incredible artist sings, on a language which may seem like Hungarian, but it has nothing to do with it. It’s a language invented by the singer when he was a little child, and since then he sings on this language. It may be as well the language of the lost culture from Atlantis, though he claims it isn’t.

To prepare for our passing from the old year to the new, I’d like to share with you this beautiful song, full of light and promises, warmth and companionship. This is to express how grateful I feel for all the tremendous changes in my life in the past months, and how I am willing to take the next step forward, wherever it takes, in 2016. I feel deep in my bones that there are more changes to come. As a fan of Matrix, I can tell you, I don’t believe in fate (there is no spoon), and some changes I will initiate very soon. Till then, enjoy this song. And let us know how do you like it.

Song compositor: Francesc Miralles
Lyrics and singing: Daniel Lumbreras
Photo: Yvette Moya-Angeler
Voice in the “radio”: me… 🙂


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