Tokyo – Barcelona is approximately 28 hrs of travel one from the other, on the way back to Europe, with a transfer in Doha, Qatar.

It’s a cultural shock from all side: to arrive, to be there, to travel, to come back. With all the amazement and wonder of being on a travel.

I hardly have mind to write: I’m home finally, and after a 2 hrs of quick sleep late afternoon I almost can’t get up to eat. But, I talk myself out of bed: it’s much better to crumble out now and prepare something to eat than it will be at midnight when hunger wakes me up. So I get up and eat.

I officially ended my trip with the last 15 minutes of Star Wars VII, as today on my way back – thanks to Qatar – I finished watching all 7 episodes… I think I am done for a while with it.

And there’s a huge gap inside. It might be tiredness. The wonders of being on the road are wearing off, I am back to normal, there’s some invisible switch inside. Maybe this time the switcher itself has changed.

Have you ever wondered about the difference of who you are and who you want to be? 

I am this void, this presence stretching out between two selves, both “mine”: the life I have left behind and the life which came back with me. I am curious to see, to sense, to discover and be who I am. The new me. The one, the new-old beneath.

But today, there is nothing beyond tiredness, it consumes all: my body and mind need to adjust and rest to stabilise my presence on this continent. Otherwise I may fade away and wake up in Tokyo again. Joking helps.
I’m slipping in the void of deep sleep, trying to reach out and touch the past and the future with my hands. No use. I’m present only on this transfer-land, in this void, and in my sleep.

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