Tuesday Toffee #1

If you look around a bit here, you’ll see several new pages added to the main menu.

As once again I find myself without a ‘normal’ office job since the end of April, I put most of my efforts (98%) to continue and kick off once again my therapeutical consultancy. Things are looking good, and I feel a lot more confident and dedicated to do all the self-branding marketing and propose my services to health centres as well.

The good news is that my tools are more powerful than before: I started to work as official, licensed facilitator of PSYCH-K®, which means that I am privileged to be able to work with individuals supporting changes in the subconscious beliefs of the mind.

I feel excited and enthusiastic, as I wrote about all this habit-changing and belief-changing process in my book back in 2012 (Pillowsophia, for the time being is available only in Hungarian), and not only that: I have done it! I’ve been there, done that, without this super tool, with all the painful experiences. I am aware of what’s the cost of changing a limiting belief – and I know even better what’s the cost if we don’t change it.
Let’s just say that it’s a lot easier and kinder with PSYCH-K®. I am fascinated.

Of course, I am working with my beliefs as well. 🙂

If by any chance you are travelling to Barcelona, or you live here, my doors are open to offer you PSYCH-K® or craneosacral biodynamics therapy. And these descriptions are also available in Spanish :). Yay! I do the therapies in English, Spanish and Hungarian. It might be possible to do it in French too…

And I finally can pull things together to realise another long term plan: to kick-off a regular “news” entry on the blog – this is it, the very first post of “Tuesday Toffee”. I hope you like it.

It’s been raining in Barcelona since 4 days… it’s grey and wet, but sometimes I just love it: my hair is like a fat broom, full of humidity and curling up everywhere. The flowers in the heading of this post are from the Natural Park of Garraf, where we went this Sunday, and we were lucky as the rain stopped for a few hours.
On Saturday I participated in an excellent intensive seminar by Antoni Bolinches on Vital Therapy. He is one of the most famous psychologists of Spain, creator of Vital Therapy. I’m collecting new tools for my sessions :).

Today I write more about practical information than big poetic or philosophical things. My mind is completely focussed on creating my visions in reality.

It’s time for a tea, and for those who like – for a toffee too! I’m not a toffee fan though. I rather choose dark chocolate with orange or lemon. But it goes well with Tuesday, and no one needs to eat it who doesn’t like it, right? So let it be. God bless the rain that washes off the dirt and brings life to our plants. Welcome to my Tuesday Toffee.


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Anna Sólyom

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3 thoughts on “Tuesday Toffee #1

  1. At first when I read about your work with limiting beliefs, Neuro-linguistic-programming came to mind. Now I see that’s not necessarily your field. NLP does have some wonderful tools to help limit the limitations of limiting beliefs however. I wish you the highest and best as you continue with polishing up your career. It’s sunny here in my state of Indiana now, but it does rain a lot until June. I love the green grass and Spring flowers, so have learned to always have a sturdy umbrella in the vehicle if needed, and wear yellow. Yellow helps me visualize sun shine…and life goes forward well lit and content.

    1. Thanks Sparkyjen for your lovely words :). I know a bit of NLP, possibly not enough to use it well, just some things of the surface. I have tried it during a support work to reframe a life-situation, and it did help, but wasn’t that powerful for me. For sure it has things to help limit the limitations of limiting beliefs (I love how your write this!). PSYCH-K goes really well with me: it’s like adding an order to the knowledge I already had.
      Indiana sounds quite appealing, I imagine it is beautiful. I love yellow too… especially on cloudy, stormy days, when the lights are running low and the skies are dark grey. Sending you fresh after-rain smells and sun-sparks of raindrops sitting on flower leaves! Have a lovely spring <3

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