Tuesday Toffee #2: the alchemist (repost)

Sometimes a short 72 hours trip moves you more than months of traveling. I guess this is the connection to the motherland. Back in Barcelona the week starts a bit clumsy facing all the challenges I have: building up my new life, finding a recurring revenue (with a job I like to do) for the transition period, and so on. This is challenging enough, let’s put it this way.

And my weekend in Hungary was also somewhat hard, full with meetings as usual – family and friends. This time I had a slow tempo, giving enough time to each one of them: it was a very important weekend full of deep meetings. Life has its ways to show us our strength beyond our beliefs.

I wrote a poem about it, it was inspired by a quote of Mitch Albom, but the original photo is not available anymore. Maybe, at the end, it wasn’t a quote from Mitch Albom, I have no idea about it. I like his books, read 2 or 3 of them: I started with “The Five People You Meet In Heaven” as a travel company pocket book, and it was a good ride with him. But before I’d get to the poem and to the quote, there are some other things to say.

This is a repost, as the previous version of this post got too deep and personal, and went beyond those unwritten rules of blog posting and professional writing I always do my best to keep. If you’ve read it already – please keep it with you, and let it shine your days where you need it the most. If you haven’t read it, you didn’t loose anything. It was rather a psychology text from a personal perspective. Some parts are still here, and I can add more to it.

Like I took my heart to dance yesterday – or rather my heart took me to dance finally, after 6-7 months of keeping away from the dance floor. I had a chest pain with pinning sensation around my heart – I was perfectly aware that it was coming from an emotional stress, so I didn’t really think this time: it was a question of YES or YES  whether I’m going to bring my body to the dance floor tonight.

I did restrain myself from dancing in other times as well for a certain period, I usually call those times as periods of integration. This time I noted even stronger changes: in the inner world of personality and emotional patterns. All this is detectable in the way I move. Actually, I don’t know how to move now. It’s like a rediscovery.
It takes time to find again what my body likes, how does it feel good to move. And I reclaim my freedom of moving, doing whatever feels good, getting out guidances from my mind and just move for the joy of moving. I don’t care of looking good, pretty, or professional, or enlighten, wise, or sexy. I don’t want to get anywhere with it, I just want to enjoy.

Why the alchemist? Because I feel like one of them now. With that incredible inner work of transmuting some hard things into pure gold experiences which are my treasure. It’s true that we are not given more than what we can handle.

The quote from Mitch Albom sounds like this (remade, with my photo, as the original disappeared from FB, luckily I had a copy of the poem!)


“All endings are also beginnings. We just don’t know it yet.”

it’s the photo
and the space between
the letters,
the words,

the meaning behind.
an ending. a space.

a forest burnt down.

and I don’t know yet
to come tomorrow

with the sun

other than
breaking free


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