Tuesday Toffee #3: Spiral

What is to come is a wonderful photo reportage of the Paella Cantavella – but today I was running around too much back and forth, step by step hunting down every minutes of this rich, juicy day.

I also started a flickr page where I will add my photos, so you can have access to them. I will share the link of the gallery when it’s ready.

I always have so many ideas to achieve, so many plans to prepare that I feel days are passing like minutes. Maybe if I’d be focused in only one thing from time to time, and would go from one thing to another, instead of loosing myself in a never ending loop of projects.

So today’s Toffee is a spiral captured in a house of Barcelona. Such a beautiful eye-candy, isn’t it? It’s a new chapter today. A new spiral. A new level. A new life.

eye of the spiral

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