Tuesday Toffee #8: the cats’ second dinner

The cats usually get their dinner late night before we go to sleep. The white one, Billy, most possibly a snowshoes siamese, is a really vocal cat. He always talks (and is a soprano! Imagine that.) He has a certain way to ask for food of course. (You can see both of them in my flickr gallery, here.)

Yesterday, as we had some guests, I didn’t check if my partner had fed them already, just decoded the white cat’s communication, so gave them food.

I was laughing my head off when I found out that this can actually was their second round, as they already got dinner… And of course, he new. He tricked me. The black cat was less enthusiastic as usually, this was the first alarming signal… Nonetheless, they eat their second dinner all, leaving their plates as clean as if it never had seen food that night.

Other than this, it was a great day yesterday… a day of important discoveries. Based on last week’s “hitting the bottom”. Sometimes our own bodies can answer some questions which hang up in our void since a while – on their very quite but doubtless way.

So the 8th of the 8th month of the year (August) in 2016 (how beautiful this is!) goes for rediscovering or setting values.
For example, that I enjoy doing a good job – not because I am pushed or others benefit from it, but simply because this is what I enjoy. It doesn’t matter what it is, I enjoy doing it well. At least, if with nothing other than this good feeling, I can finish my day in peace with myself. That’s what counts at the end, isn’t it?

And, a rediscovery: I am a person of ceremonies, rituals. I like marking the end or beginning of something, performing some distinguished actions to mark agreements, etc. I see spiritual signification in these, and a strong support from the invisible word (God, I call it, you call it your way). This is my natural way, I’ve always been a “mythical” person; even wrote my thesis of the Phenomenology of the Myth. Maybe I should follow my research and apply again for a doctoral position at some university…

And all these also led to finally realise (again), that nothing ever happens without me wanting or desiring it to happen. The mind is a serious “weapon” my dears! Because, about 14-8 months ago, I was so fed up with office work still, that yes, I did desire to find some very different type of thing to do, like a physical job, or so.
… and that’s what I am doing right now (one month to go)!

I need to be very careful with what I desire, as it seems to come true on magical, unexpected manners.

Therefore that’s my task again, and again, even though I know where I am heading, and what I want to do, to narrow down my abstract desires to a practical level as much as it is possible, to not to fail the ground. Even though I like to fly, I need to be grounded to build things up.

arena de Castelldefells
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PS: if you want to know how to learn to fly, for a summer reading I recommend Paul Auster’s Mr. Vertigo. To wrap it up, he says you have to intend to fail the ground when you are falling, then before hitting it, you’ll fly. 😀 If not before, now you got my last paragraph!

And today is the 102th birthday of my jewish grandma. She passed away in 2009, only 5 months after my other grandma passed away. Will light a candle for her today. Thank you everything, my dear. You were an amazing woman. I love you.


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