Tuesday Toffee #11: welcome change

What would you do, if you’d know that following some simple steps you are able to change those crucial points of yourself that are blocking you to live happily ever after?

There is a proverb that says, if problems would have been taken off from the people’s shoulders and hang up in a room around the wall like coats, everyone would jump up to find his or her own and take it back.

Are You ready to change?

What would you do, if you could reach out to yourself and help yourself to recover your personal powers, even though you are aware that this requires change, and change requires letting things go, and sometimes facing unpleasant things about yourself? And that letting things go might be painful?

There is only one way to leave your troubles. And the only way out is the way in, as it is so wisely put by an indian teacher recently settled in Berlin.

If you follow my blog, you may know that earlier this year I participated in a Basic PSYCH-K® workshop lead by Eva Sandoval, a talented, experienced and super authentic woman I admire for who she is.

Right then when I finished the Basic training I knew that I desired, I needed, I wanted to participate in the advanced workshop as soon as it was possible. To be able to use those tools which are taught on this level.
I did my best, but there was a point when I had to let go all this, because I saw I can’t make it. I let the desire go… I wrapped it in my heart and sent with a blow up to the skies and had no news of it for a while. God kept it well in his hands, as later on I learned how its little seeds went deep in the ground and started to break through toward the sun.

Just when I literally danced myself home through my fears, about a week before the very last advanced PSYCH-K® workshop taught by Eva, I got the news that I had green light to participate on this workshop. God/the Universe somehow arranged a way for me to participate in it. Thank YOU, God.

So, ladies and gentlemen: I just got certified to the Advanced level facilitator of PSYCH-K®! Yippeeeeeeoooo 😀 😀

I’ve met wonderful souls there, I learned a lot from them and I learned a lot about myself (inevitably, of course). I still have my fellow fears, and I know that I mentioned during the year several times how I am sailing toward kicking off my own consulting services (which I did but with small success for now). I can’t procrastinate anymore. It’s time to leave the nest and fly. And since I decided that I will take the road I’ve never traveled before, everything started to get a shape. And I don’t exactly know where I am going, but I know towards what I aim and I trust when it is time, things will be clear. The present is for actions and creation and letting my imagination fly.

On the synchronicity-level of things it’s even more beautiful, that same morning when the four days long Advanced workshop started, I sent my first article discussing life changes to the prestigious Spanish magazine Integral. It will be published in their next issue in October.

Here I am, a facilitator of life changes, and from now on I can offer you distant consulting as well with PSYCH-K®, in case if you are looking for immediate change.

Sit down, take a moment to check in with yourself: Where are you now? Are you happy? Do you face challenges? Are you forced to change by your health or by some other situations in your life? Or do you want to change yourself, or something in your life?

If you could choose, how would you like your life to be? How would your concrete daily challenges look if you can chose what you want them to be?

Do you know how to celebrate when you achieve something?
I have victory dance or something like that, you know, when you’re jumping up and down and wiggling the body parts you can wiggle just to let that sweet feeling of victory travel in your body.

On the last day of our training Eva told one of the jokes I’ve also quoted in my book as well. This was a real moment of surprise to see how close we arrived on very different paths. This is the joke:

“A man falls off a cliff and the only thing he can grab is a small branch of a thin tree. He sees he is in big trouble, and that he either won’t be able hold on to the branch for long or the branch is going to give up. He starts to call out to the skies:
– Hellooo… Is there anyone? – there’s no answer, he holds stronger onto the bough with his slippery hands.
– Hi there…! It’s me, John, is there anyone up there, please?
There’s no answer for a while, but then someone answers:
– I am here, my son. What can I do for you?
– Ohmmm, hi, HI!! It’s John. Who are you?
– Hi John. I’m God. What can I do for you?
– Ah well, do you see where I am? Could you do something please??
– Of course. Let go my son, and I will send my angels to catch you before you land.
John doesn’t answer, he grabs the branch stronger while squinting up in the air:
– … Is there anybody else….???”


If you read Spanish, I recommend you to get a copy of Eva’s book: ¿Y tu que crees? (And what do you believe?)

Eva Sandoval: ¿Y Tú Qué Crees?


(if by any rare chance you’d read Hungarian, you can get a copy of my book here: http://utm.io/259974) 


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