Tuesday Toffee #16: sign yourself

It’s been two weeks since we know who won the Presidential elections of the US.

It’s been two weeks I’ve been pondering on what it means to the world and to me.

To be honest, I didn’t really want to write about this, but as right now I am in New York, it’s inevitable. Especially, because today we changed lines at Union Square, and what I saw there is a great inspiration: and it’s connected with the ground where I stand.

Each day we are forced to stand our ground and express who we are. Not with words. With actions. An action is like a signature to your personality: you can talk about many things, you may mean other things, but when it’s time to act, all that matters is how and what are you doing. This is how you sign off who you are and what do you stand for.

This is exactly of what Viktor Frankl writes in his book  Man’s Search for Meaning, that in each and every moment life itself asks us a question. And the question we are asked can only be answered by being, acting and living who we are.
Showing ourselves in action is the answer for the question of the meaning for our life.

Extreme situations force us to grab with our toes to the ground and to and show what we carry within. Regardless of religious, national and cultural belonging, our deepest core is called to show itself in action.
In mythical times, it’s about taking sides: do you support inclusiveness, humanity and kindness; or you’re for inequality, separation and rudeness.
You can show your patronus by letting your generosity or selfness radiate.

Our common history showed us that humanity is everywhere, in everyone, and can show itself at the darkest places in the darkest hours.

What does this mean?

It means that our personal choices have a weight, and each choice we make weights more than ever. Just like our thoughts.

And that’s  my conclusion of all these happenings and wars and insecurity and instability in the world: these are times to choose which thoughts you allow to ride your mind, you are forced to choose in each moment how to act in response to the world. Be gentle to yourself, and we gentle to others, no matter what. You can fail, I can fail. We are imperfect, we are cracked, and still beautiful as we are, with those radiant, bright flames we carry in our heart.

And Union Square’s metro station at line 6 is full of flames, humanity and creativity, it’s full of colour, brightness and unique voices. I love it.

Thank you, flame sisters and brothers for showing your ways to us <3.

Have a look for yourself :). Big hug from the Big Apple!




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