Making steps to reach out and learning that being visible is indeed a healthy thing: stepping out into the light, “jumping off” from a rock without knowing where will I land..

No, this time I know where I wish to land: this, at least is a big difference from the past.

In the past months I had my ups and downs – I guess this is quite normal. Things around me feel like everything is waiting from me to “do something”, with a breath held before making a significant move.

Maybe it’s better to calm and deepen the breath, to follow all the way the entering air through my nostrils and its return from my stomach.

Being visible “on my own” has always scared the shit out of me, even if I do like to act and dance in front of public.
Because that’s different, dancing is cool, I don’t need to give a speech of who I am, what I do, what I believe in, etc. And acting is cool too, because, hey, that’s acting, it doesn’t matter what I believe in and who I am as long as I entertain well, no?

Sadly, acting has become a greatly appreciated thing in personal lives as well, and I am not good in this at all.

I am learning, that being visible is not equal to be naked. Though sometimes it may feel like that, as we learnt how to hide our innermost sacred spaces from the eyes of the outside world.

Anyway, it’s getting too philosophical to announce that finally, I re-edited my site, I gave it a fresh look, and I trust you like it as much as I do! Tadadaaaaam!! 🙂

The idea was to make it more accessible, and better navigable than it was before.

There are still some parts to change, I am heading to bring things down to earth, which means to do my best to explain what I am doing on the easiest possible way. As a philosopher, this is not always easy, you can imagine! So it is also a great thinking and writing exercise for me :). I will let you know when I’m done with this.

Enjoy the new looks,



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