Falling off from the Earth’s face

In the next couple of days till the 8th September I will disappear: I’m going to a retreat in the mountains, in the Alpujarras, not far from Granada.

That’s the plan: falling off from the Earth’s face: as there will be no electricity, or Internet connection (at least definitely not for those who really want disconnect from the outside and reconnect within).

It’s been since several years that I’m dreaming about going to the mountains, meet whatever I have to/I am destined to meet there (inside n’ out), and just be. With the nature. To let in nature and let myself out.

So my dear ones, I’m off to a digital and city-diet, to solitary meetings with my physical and spiritual belly bottom.

I’m going to Tibet in Spain <3 . I will tell you where it is and what it is once I’m back.

That’s the song I have in mind, of Enric Verdaguer, a dear friend of my partner, who sang it for us during his last concert in Barcelona a few days ago (he’s moving to Edinburgh soon). Love to you all! See you at the mountains, in spirit, at the eternity, and the day after.


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