Postcards from Mallorca

On the afternoon we arrived in Mallorca with a ferry and I found myself deeply happy about traveling slow.

And today I start something new: until the 21st of August, I will post one postcard from Mallorca every day, where we pursue childhood memories of my couple and where he’ll start to teach me Catalan.

The challenge of learning Catalan in 100 days first of all, for both of us lies in how to squeeze 1,5 hours – 2 hours in our days. Then, of course, it’s about learning my fifth language. And imagine, that when I am awfully tired my brain sometimes even refuses to work in Spanish. So let’s see what will happen by the 25th November.

For now, postcards from Mallorca, and then, insights of my hundred days of Catalan.

With love.



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Anna Sólyom

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