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Postcards from Mallorca #3

Wind and sand and sun and sea, that’s the day of a holiday tourist. We counted about 5-6 different types of fishes in the waters of the pine-beach of Formentor, where we sailed out in the morning for a lovely bath. It reminded me to the beaches of Menorca, which we patroled 5 years ago with a good friend of mine.

Today’s postcard was made on our journey to the beach, passing by the lighthouse and enjoying the lovely wind of the open sea generated by the velocity of our glass-bott-boat (we couldn’t go down to see through the glass though).


These clouds were the harbinger of those that brought us some lovely storm for the late afternoon-early evening. It’s still raining.

So I listen again and again the famous Catalan children’s song by La Trinca, La Masovera. It’s my homework to memorize its lyrics as much as I can – by tomorrow. I’ll do my best. My pronunciation is still the same, but since today’s class my mind started to mix some Catalan words with Spanish ones: like treballar – trabajar. It’s going to be good fun! 😀

niños cantando la masovera

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