Postcards from Mallorca #4

Nobody would expect to see a running peacock at the bar, approaching the entrance of Drach’s Caves at Porto Cristo. Here she is.


She was quite big, accompanied by two smaller ladies, who I guess were her daughters.

By the time we got back to Port Pollença after a lovely bath at one of the Calas Mallorca nearby, I was hungry AF and after the waiter refused to take food orders about 3 times and I started to feel really sick (it’s been 7 hours before that I ate last), so I hurried to our hotel to eat a yoghourt. (We were one of the “lonely” 5 tables in a large place that could have hosted about 60 tables easily).

We chose this place because this was the only bar where we could see Gol.TV – the Spanish pay-football channel – to watch the new team of the Barca playing against Alavés.

By the time I got back things started to look better, my food got ordered (accompanied by apologies). And we even got it in a reasonable time. Then something went awfully wrong.

Ten minutes into the games and the electricity of the place shut down. The guy who played music to our back (as we were facing the TV) could recover his excellent show, but the TVs stayed dead. Nonetheless, we did enjoy his play until we finished the food, turning back to him.

It was Euphoric. (Apparently, yesterday’s storm wasn’t kind to the electric cables.)

For the record, we also had our forth Catalan class, and I remembered a good part of yesterday’s song. And got to learn some new things as well.

The Caves are highly recommendable, though there were extremely lot of people entering the same time. We could escape a little the large group by getting little by little to the front, and it definitely worth it: it has one of the largest subterranean lakes in the world.


And I am very grateful for not hitting a squirrel by our car. It was running from one side to the other on the autoroute, and I know I missed it only by a few centimeters. Luckily no one came from the opposite direction, so (s)he arrived in one piece. I saw many little animals today that were not so lucky crossing. May they rest in peace.


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