Postcards from Mallorca #6

We’ve never seen something like this. Two trees full of big birds, who turned to be hens and a few roosters (they were already sleeping).

But hens cannot fly, can they? No, I think they can’t. But maybe Mother nature is offering them an evolutional chance because of all what they had to endure from humanity.

We visited the Santuari de Lluc for the evening, and this is where we found the tree of chicken.

árbol de pollos

We couldn’t believe our eyes, but here they were, happily preparing to go to sleep.

Otherwise, it was a lovely, relaxing day, with morning sea baths and afternoon massages, with our 6th Catalan class in between.

Tomorrow we will be heading back to Barcelona, and I plan to continue with my daily postcards from there – till the challenge of learning Catalan lasts. Let’s see if I can have such discipline. I could call it the “hundred days of meditation” challenge too, as I am on and off of meditation always, depending on the weeks. Many things to change! Let’s be realistic, and start doing it one by one.

But the Catalan and the daily postcards fit well. Maybe I can squeeze in meditation too. One needs to dream big. Like the chicken, who dreamt about flying. It seems they can!

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