Postcards #7 from the open sea

Traveling by ferry is even more comfortable than to travel by train. Especially when you’re taking your car with you. Slow traveling. Without rush, and mostly without internet connection.

There are no broadcasting towers at the open sea. The wifi of the deck is as slow as a snail so there was little use of it, but helped to finish some work.

A proverb says that if you travel fast you may leave your soul behind, and it will need time to catch up with you. It’s advised to move on together with your soul wherever you take your body.

Nobody looses its soul on a ferry trip I guess. An average car on an average highway must go faster than us.

It’s been exactly a week ago that we’ve started our “speaking Catalan in hundred days” challenge.

We continue. I still need time to get my mind around the pronunciation.

If you like tales of the open sea, I recommend the Earthsea Quartet from Ursula K. Le Guin.

She’s a magician of word crafting. ❤️

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