Postcards #8 from home

It was never only “home, sweet home”. It’s also inalienably “bed, our sweet bed”. And the cats of course. The more or less silent apartment in the middle of the city. Those things that waited for us patiently, and others that disappeared while we were away.

It feels like it’s been two-three weeks, though we’ve been away for barely a week. But before Mallorca we had lots of little escapes in all August, and I spent almost two weeks in Hungary, so at the end, yes, it definitely has been like three weeks in total (or more).

Yesterday Billy was going crazy: meowing here and there, making his case hearable for everyone, not believing we’re home and we’ll be going to stay. But we do. Sort is always a lot more peaceful, a stable good friend, a little cat-Buddha. Even he looked distressed and happy that we were finally home. The one below, resting here enormously is Billy.

Billy resting

Today things are already getting back to the routine. And all of us enjoy it because it’s also important to feel good with our boring everyday magic, even at a summer-less time. Fall is coming, I sense it, though it will take long before it arrives.

It’s all about letting go, relaxing, stretching and yawning, cuddling and spooning, and sleeping amazingly in our bed. Ah, how blessed we are… I’m grateful from my core up to the Moon and back.

By the way, everyday magic will be the protagonist of my new book that comes out on the 4th of October in Spanish. If you read Spanish and you look for a practical handbook to enjoy your gray weekdays (and/or weekends), it will be good fun to share with you what I discovered in these past years (rather decades).

And yes, our 8th class did happen today! So I can say that this photo of Billy has a title in Catalan: Em dic Billy. (My name is Billy). I know by now just a little bit more ;-). I do, I do, I do understand more, and I can, I can, I can (do it). 92 days to go. Onward, fellows!

With love.


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