Postcards #9 from Barcelona

Sometimes when we’re setting new goals, when we want to develop new habits and let our new ikigai (passion) to grow and materialise, or when we want to root for change, we’re bold to think that it’s an easy-going hanky-panky stuff. Sometimes, very few times maybe it is. But mostly it’s just NOT.

How many times did you start and re-start something just because you dropped it in six days…? How many times did you drop out of a language class, of your gym, of your hiking club? Are you member of the exclusive “failed new years’ promises” group?

Discipline is not easy – but maybe it’s not supposed to be easy. Shortcuts most of time don’t really help: especially when you’re learning new things, because you’re up to teaching yourself new habits, meaning that you want to rewire your nervous system. No discipline – no change. No matter what is your position, from where do you want to get to where, you can’t save your sweat and carry on with your usual stuff.

It’s like learning to drive. You really need to teach your body to cooperate automatically, otherwise you’ll accelerate instead of breaking.

And again, if you really want something, why would you rather carry on with your usual stuff, no?

Today was my 9th Catalan class (Completed!!) and I got very philosophical this morning sitting in my morning meditation.

Passion is great when we have, but discipline means to keep doing what you ought to do to get where you want to get even when you have zero motivation and your ikigai is taking a break from you. This is the same thing as keeping your diet because you decided to do so, because you love yourself, and you take care of yourself.
If you love yourself why would you let yourself down when you know what you really want?
Go, talk to yourself. And when you start something, forget about quitting and just do what needs to be done, regardless the circumstances. Stop looking for shortcuts. Chose the hard way knowing, that this one will take you the quickest up to the mountain’s top, others won’t. You’ll thank yourself later.

Today’s postcard is of Sort, our black cat resting on the black piano. He reminds me to don’t forget to enjoy whatever I’m up to. And to trust.


No more cats, I promise 😉 . Tomorrow I’ll bring something new.

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