Postcards #15 from Barcelona

It’s been days of celebration, just like in a fairy tale. Though in different ways, I guess. And looking forward to the fall, it also looks quite busy, full of good things, but busy.

It’s time to rest a bit. And recover energies and study (day 15 is accomplished) what we’ve done till today because it’s not light at all. We’re getting deeper and deeper in the secrets of the grammar: today the future introduced itself. Not that it would be so different from how future is expressed in other Latin languages… still. Understanding is one thing, being able to talk on your own is something else. I started to read “Perdut a Bombai”, (Lost in Bombay) the first novel of Francesc which he wrote traveling in India, and it only exists in Catalan.

Some days there aren’t any interesting things in my head. Or in my day. It goes by on its own, and I can just sit back and let it happen. Like today.

To be honest, I have no idea who this señor is, looking down on me. I don’t think that the seagulls would know either. Surely we wouldn’t be able to see his face so clearly if he’d kept his hat on, but it would have definitely saved him from looking like the way he does. I don’t think he cares, though he doesn’t particularly look happy. Being such a statue in one of the central parks of Barcelona means you’ll quite lonely most of the time. All friends are welcome. And the rain shall come with the autumn.

talking heads

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