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Postcards #17 from the dark

I wouldn’t know that my first reaction would be fear. That entering willingly by walking the hallway into complete darkness, my breath would change, and a sense of panic would come upon me as if the walls would close upon us.

They didn’t. And it really surprised me that whatever the complete darkness triggered, it had a connection with claustrophobia. I have that a bit. It’s awful. Its roots go beyond this life, so I learned to live with it.

We had Francesc’s birthday dinner tonight (in petit commité, with only the two of us), in the restaurant of Dans le noir? , where you can experience your meal in complete darkness. Like visually impaired persons do in their everyday life.
The first moments were shocking, but then it was quite enjoyable, even if I lost my fork somewhere in the middle. Because I knew it wouldn’t last long.

I was eating with my hands, I wouldn’t have found the food without touching it.

It was really noisy, as the place was half-full, and the groups were shouting most of the time. We did not find out the which wine did we drink – only the first one.

Thank you my eyes to see and to be able to connect me with the world. Kudos for the Hungarian NGO project that record audiobooks for those who have visual problems to read.

May the light guide us, visibly or invisibly, that we’d always found our ways back home.

This is today’s postcard, of our table and plates.

black is black.jpg

As today I was working on an article we had very little time for the Catalan class, but we did it, so yes, the project goes on. And I started to understand simple phrases that friends post on their sites. I’m getting there, I guess.

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