Postcards #21 from the teahouse

I understand the British.

And the Chinese, and the Indians, and the Japones… And the Taiwanese, and Tibetans… And the Peruvians… and so on.

There is a tea for every occasion. Whether it’s receiving something, or if it’s a letting go, just chilling down or working hard. Laughing or crying with a friend. Sharing or being alone.

Tea is art.
Art is a way of survival.
Tea is survival.

tea is art.jpg

21st day.

In theory, in 21 days a new habit can be “hard-wired” in our nervous system.
Speaking Catalan is not yet a habit of mine. It’s getting there, but still. 21days.

And, I have an extra postcard (three, actually) for today: we have agricultural cats, no doubt! The story goes like this:
I put some old potatoes in the ground – actually, in a balcony-pot around May. They really looked like potatoes to make it eagerly into little potatoes, and I haven’t ever tried it on a balcony. So, of course, I had to.

They started to grow like magic beans, quickly and high. Then hot summer came, and I wasn’t always around, so the green, beyond-ground part totally dried out. And it stayed like this for like 2 months.

I thought there won’t be any potatoes, and it’s been some days since I had in mind to clean up the pot.

The cats started to job today, I think they did sense that the potatoes were ready. 🙂 Cats with a green thumb!! <3

These little roots grew like champions. It’s harvest time. Will need to check my horseradishes too.

potatoes 1potatoes 2

As we don’t eat potatoes, I gave them to a good friend as a surprise, and she cooked a lovely dinner of them. Yummy <3

potatoes 3

Thank you, Earth! Thank you, Sun! Thank you, Water! Thank you, Wind! Thank  you, Ether! Thank you, Potato Fairies! Thank you, Cats <3 Thank you, Irene <3

As Akira Kurosawa’s Dershu Uzala said, everything is a Person.


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