Postcards #24 from Uma

I had the privilege today to eat at the restaurant of Iker Erauzkin, called UMA.


I don’t usually do food posts, today is an exception, because we’ve spent two and half hours (almost) admiring tasty art, where everything was perfect until the last detail. (Even in the bathroom).


It wasn’t only for us, it was for a good friend of Francesc. And this is actually the nrº 1 restaurant in Barcelona.


The sand glass symbolizes that here time stops, and we slow down to taste. And appreciate the harmonies presented by Iker Eurazkin.


So today’s postcards are foody, I hope you forgive me. Try UMA if you have a chance. It’s art and celebration, and you really do need to close your eyes to feel what is going on in your mouth. And pay attention to what you eat.


I was absolutely in love with the details.


Cheers for our 24th Catalan class today! We’re getting down the road with the past and the future.

Bona nit (good night),



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