Postcards #25 from home

Sometimes it’s all about being bubbles.

Other days it’s to be plain water and let the bubbles spark.

I like to be both.


Water and air.

I’m too tired today, and my nose is running with an overblown and painful head due to a really bad cold. 25 days are gone and we’re exploring how really hard it is to keep doing something every day because you chose to. We could choose to stop, or giving it up, nothing would happen if we’d do. But we like the challenge for itself, and also, not only that it feels good to comply, but understanding more and more of a new language is very rewarding. Still, on days when you’re sick and tired AF** it’s an extra effort. And words don’t always come easy (you do remember the old song, don’t you?)

The next level will be when traveling days come for Francesc, who’ll be going to book promotions soon.

And I have no idea what is going to happen in a month when my first book in Spanish will see the light. Obviously, I am no one, so I don’t really worry to be too busy with it, but it’s bubble time, and sparkling time, and celebrations, and hey, that’s a book coming out in S-p-a-n-i-s-h. Yeah!

If by any chance you’ll be in Barcelona on the 6th October, you can drop by the presentation at 19:00, at the Casa de Llibre de Rambla Catalaunya 37.

Till then? There will be a class and a postcard tomorrow too. And…

Spark, my little ones, spark, you never know when you’ll become plain water again.


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