Postcards #26 from a princess

Once I participated in a two days family constellation workshop where we worked with a  fairy tale, which was the guiding golden thread that connected the archetypes with our own personal stories.

It was very powerful. And especially touching, as it was about the “Philosopher princess”. You know, I have an MA in philosophy.

As a woman, I can tell that we don’t always grow up as a princess. Furthermore, sometimes we don’t have any idea how to be a princess, or simply we would want to be anything, but princesses. Hard stuff. (Those who were born with this gift – of knowing how to be a princess without learning -, are kindly excluded now <3 ).

The archetypical princess is not who we meet in the Disney word… she would rather be someone in the Miyazaki-universe. Or in a wonderful fairy tale of yours… whichever touches you.

Accepting gifts from life, accepting your skills and power, being able to see yourself in the mirror including your shadow… and your past… and being able to guard your temper… whatever is it for you, it worth to meet your inner princess.
Because when you know she’s inside,  you’ll know that a princess is always a princess. No matter what. That’s rebirth. Retelling your story. And that’s resilience. It’s self-acceptance at its best. That’s who you are, and not what your circumstances made of you.
And self-esteem. That deep sense of worthiness. And learning to wear your crown, because one day, you’ll be queen.

Are you ready?


I think I made this photo in Barcelona sometime in the spring. But I don’t remember. I like it a lot. She’s Carrie Fisher, <3 the eternal princess. Gone.

Day 26. Less headache, less running nose, but enough tiredness. And it’s time for a good rest. We’re getting close to the “imparfait” past tense. Holy cow!!! I have such a long list of words and verbs that I don’t know how will I squeeze it in my head. My studying time is reaching 45-55 minutes/day (when I really study everything)  and then we plus our class). I am not sure it’s enough, but that’s what I have, and as I learned it from an old colleague of mine about ten years ago: good is good enough.

I’m a maximalist (not a perfectionist, though), who is still learning that good is good enough. I’ll get there eventually.

Onward, sweethearts,


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